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February 2, 2015

of primal issues: the expulsion of Adam and Eve from the Garden of Eden; the ruinous jealousy of Cain; the painful break between Abraham and Lot over the limitations of hesed; the coercive nature of the giving of the Torah; and the mystery that is the mitzvah of yibum. And within this drama, the one fiber that binds together all the divergent characters and issues is love. Love forms the backdrop of this book of the Bible, presented here as a play in four acts, and it is the key to this story, which culminates in the unique love of Ruth and Boaz, the ancestors of the once and future king, David, whose very name, Rabbi Miller observes, means love! In Rising Moon the reader is promised a powerful, eye-opening interpretation of the Ruth story.

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  1. My wife and I read this together. First of all, we found the book to be well written. That’s important. Furthermore, I find that Midrashim and Aggadot in the Gemora seem to provide a whole new dimension to the Tanach but it is often hard to decipher what exactly they mean. Rabbi Miller decoded it and presents everything in a clear but highly captivating manner. And true to form, Chazal see huge, sweeping themes in the book of Ruth – from creation to the end of time. I hate this cliche but for thinking Jews, this is a “must read.”

    • Fascinating! Chock full of stimulating ideas and references. Opens a whole new perspective about Jewish history and world history, and governance. I haven’t finished the book yet, but I highly recommend it. Extremely well written.

  2. This has been a breathtaking read of Ruth. I already loved the sefer, but now, with Rabbi Miller’s commentary — I’ve been blown away. The depth, nuance, and innovative chiddushim have given me a new perspective to the megillah. And basically everything he says is rooted in chazal. A perfect read for Shavuot.

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